Friday, October 9, 2015

Dr. Ben Carson Is Right About Gun Control

You may or may not have heard by now that Dr. Ben Carson has been discussing gun control and the Holocaust. 

He has considered the gun control issue very carefully and thoughtfully and takes the position that an armed citizenry can prevent crimes and other atrocities. When citizens are disarmed, their security and individual safety is in the precariously fickle hands of the state. That makes citizens sitting ducks.

More thoughts here from John Nolte at Breitbart. 

It's really weird how these crazy, totalitarian leftists don't want policemen and women to use their guns against criminals, but want them all in the hand of some utopian, "do-good", all-benevolent state apparatus and the bureaucrats. Weird, right?

And by the way, make no mistake about it, when liberals discuss 'gun control', what they really mean is gun confiscation. 

In Israel, just as an example, the armed citizenry is very often responsible for neutralizing terrorists. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barakat has just called for all citizens with personal weapons to wear them and be prepared to use them in order to quell the latest jihadi intifadah in Israel. A deputy ministry has issued the same call.

Yesterday, when he was guest-hosting the Rush Limbaugh show, Mark Steyn noted that if you do not charge toward the danger, toward the terrorists, and as an extension-if you are not armed, then you are letting the perpetrators of the atrocities have the upper hand and determine the body count. That is exactly it.

You are already acquiescing to being a victim if you are not in a position to defend yourself.

What Dr. Carson is saying is completely true.

It is well-known that Germans confiscated guns owned by Jews, along with confiscating the weapons of other private individuals so that all weapons and ammunition would be in the hands of the state.

This is a well-established historical fact best documented Stephen P. Halbrook in his book Gun Control and the Third Reich: Disarming the Jews and other Enemies of the State.  

If you haven't read this very important book, as I have, then you should.

And don't pay attention to anyone who thinks they have an informed opinion about this subject who has not read it. 

I'm serious. There's lots of shrill, leftist pontification going on, but not a lot of truth being told.

Liberals can have their own opinions (as wrong as they always are), but they can't have their own bloody facts. 

Whenever Jews have been armed, even during the Holocaust, they were able to do a lot of damage.

Anyone who has even a small understanding of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising should be able to comprehend that point. A few Jews and a very small number of weapons inflicted a very significant blow to the Nazis.

The Holocaust began, not with "words" and bad names about the Jews, but with the civil liberties of Jews being stripped away, and then, their weapons being stripped away. No civil rights, no weapons, no life. No freedom of expression, no freedom of speech-in fact the 'hate speech" laws of then would make the "human rights" commissions of today look modest and amateur-hour by comparison.

The reason that there are people freaking out about Dr. Carson's position is because it reveals their political stripes and their deep-seated feelings toward Jews. There are several groups that have the vapours about this.

First of all, there are left-wing extremists who were "just born Jews".

They are gun confiscation (not "control") advocates and believe that bad names caused the Holocaust. So if we take away all the guns in the world and drink unicorn urine all day, say nice things to one another and smoke shisha with Gaza strip terrorists, there will be peace and stuff.  Well, nuts to them. There are tons of Official Jews in this category and they can seriously bite me.

Steyn also suggested on the airwaves yesterday that a thousand pilgrims were killed in Saudi Arabia yet nobody is demanding 'Haj Control".

You know what we really need?

Liberal Control.

We need to control the impact of totalitarian leftists on our lives.

Among Carson's critics there are also lots of non-Jewish lefties who simply love the idea of the Jews being defenceless and victims-oh and DEAD, that's another thing they love.

The same people kvetching about Dr. Carson would be orgasmic about confiscating weapons from the IDF in order to make Israel and the Jews helpless again (and good luck with that suckahhhs).

They hate the Jews and hate Israel. They hate that the Jews have an army and can defend themselves and they can all kiss my Zionist tuchus as well.

I'm not particularly interested in reading the opinions of the pearl-clutching leftist masses because they are ignorant of the facts, as always.

In short, Jews need to be armed.

When Jews are armed, the only persons in danger are evil, murderous jihadist terrorists, their accomplices and their enablers and that bothers a lot of people.

Dr. Carson understands this and that is why the backlash is so severe.

The people complaining most loudly about Dr. Carson's very well-informed opinion are the same ones who prefer tearfully attending Holocaust memorial ceremonies, shedding their crocodile tears about dead Jews, while not have much interest or tolerance for the lives ones and their unending, uppity desire to exist.

Nuts to them all.

Am Yisrael Chai.