Tuesday, October 6, 2015

General, Schaden-Jewdelicious Eurabia is Doomed Post

I can't feel sorry for Europe.

I just don't have it in me. 

I don't understand though why there aren't more protests against the civilizational suicide, but that's just me.

Here are my feelings on Europe:

1) Basically, looks good on you and
2) Jews get out. Now.

That's about it. You're welcome.

Let's review what's been happening lately:

In Sweden, no apartments, no jobs and Swedes cannot go shopping without a gun. But there's LOTS OF DIVERSITY TO CELEBRATE, so it's all good. 

In the formerly "Great" Britain: a Sudanese "migrant" in the country for a mere 5 months, charged with rape. This is the real war on women: third world rapists invited to first world countries to rape our daughters, sisters, mothers and wives.

This is the start of the Rape Epidemic of Europe.

Don't say you weren't warned. 

"You’ve got to wonder – why on earth would Europe’s leaders do this to their own people? What is causing this? Some have told me it is stupidity, short-sightedness, or even insanity, but it isn’t – it’s hatred. This is all part of a broad-ranging, virulent, and vicious hatred of the West, and of Western people (especially white Western people)."

"The Western world is dominated by leaders who despise its history and its heritage and are determined to bring an end to its power. They wish to extinguish Western culture, and opening the borders is a hell of a good start."

And the clear warning, the clearly articulated plan from the elites to the regular people of Europe and the West:

"Make no mistake, Westerners are about to be made to suffer, and the reason is that our leaders fully believe that we deserve to."

Oddly enough, despite Merkel's plans for Germanistahn, four fifths of Germans want Germany to stay German.

She is facing "resistance".

Who would not want a mass invasion of young, healthy, fighting-aged, pious Muslim males in their midst?

Three to four our of five is an invasion force.


Like I said: Europe-looks good on you and JEWS GET OUT.