Friday, October 2, 2015

History Lesson: What Does Jerusalem Mean to Muslims

This is an excellent historical review. 

The conflict is religious in nature. As such, it cannot have a political solution. Not ever. Not unless there is an Islamic reformation, or a complete humiliation on the scale of the Allied victory in WW2.

"The current tension in Jerusalem has everything to do with these deep analyses, and they have a profound impact on the peace process. Moreover, the current situation in Jerusalem is linked to the future of Europe, where tens of millions of Muslims continue to flow in."

"It is in this context that everyone should read the horrific remarks uttered by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas about two weeks ago, when he stated that Jews "have no right to defile [the holy sites of Jerusalem] with their filthy feet." 

"To view this hundred-year-old conflict between us and the region's Arabs as a mere territorial dispute is to willingly blind yourself, as the world nations are doing, to the deeply rooted concepts outlined above. As time goes by, it is all coming together, whether we want it to or not, at the keystone of the historical return to Zion: Jerusalem and the Temple Mount."

That is why bloodthirsty murder of Jews, the celebration of Jewish murder, and the creation of orphans is celebrated by these barbarians.