Thursday, October 8, 2015

Howard Stern: Dude! Total Dude!

This is a follow up to Stern's comments about Roger Waters.

Summary: F&ck you, Roger Waters.

The whole thing is completely Jewlicious. Like, completely.

It's an especially good shout out to people not to be pussies (his term, but I completely agree). So it's a defence of Israel and also a very good defence of free speech. Really excellent.

“Don’t be so f***ing afraid,” Stern said to those who silently support Israel."

“You know what happens when you’re afraid … Stand up for what you believe and f*** those who can’t get with you.” 

"Don’t stand silently by when others will sit there and condemn and throw out words like apartheid and all that bullshit,” Stern told his audience. “Fight the power. You hear me?”
Shame on all the people who e-mailed Stern thanking him, but asking that their names not be revealed.

Listen to the WHOLE THING.