Tuesday, October 6, 2015

"I Yelled For Help and They Spat At Me"

Neo Nazis.

Disgusting Jew-hating barbarians. 

More revolting media Jew-haters here. 

("New York buildings fall, kill 19 Saudis."

I can't yet write about the Henkin parents and their four children, now orphans, who watched their parents murdered in front of their eyes. The only reason the children are alive is because one of the Palestinian Nazi barbarians shot another member of the team. It was not, as Israeli leftist media were reporting, because they 'took pity' on the children.

I saw a Facebook post today, in Hebrew, that donations of breast milk were being solicited for the 4 month old baby because he is refusing to drink from a bottle, he was still nursing exclusively when his parents were slaughtered.

So my heart broke over again when I read that, and I just can't put my thoughts together coherently enough to say how I feel. It's burning anger with sorrow, so I have to wait until I can speak and write lucidly about it.