Friday, October 2, 2015

Mark Steyn: There's A Bear in the Sand

This whole post is great, but I'd like to point your attention particularly to the video posted by Mark Steyn, and you must watch the whole thing.

Mark Steyn's wonderfully inspiring speech is here. 

Everyone participating and attending and speaking at the conference is very brave and has my utmost respect.

Vebjoern Selbekk is courageous, intelligent man, and the description of how his government betrayed him, and set him up as the fall guy for the Islamic barbarians is absolutely sickening. I mean I almost barfed kind of sickening.

I also felt that his description of his decision process to print the cartoons was extremely insightful and then brave. He said if he did not print them, then he was agreeing to have the terrorists participate in the editorial process in a free country.

It is pathetic how many editors around the world  have done just that?

At the moment, there are only 79 views.

This needs to be seen and the message spread far and wide, along with all of the other speeches at this conference. This courage is humbling and inspiring.

He says:

"I feel that it is very important that we continue to give a clear answer to those who have made bloodshed into a form of religious duty and murder into a form of worship."

"We do this by straightening our backs and not letting ourselves be subdued, we do it by refusing to be threatened into being silent. Our response to the terrorists must be that we continue to use our freedom of speech as we please,  also in the way that they demand that we do not use it. And if we do not do this, they will win."

"If we do not do this, they will have accomplish what they wanted through their bloody actions, if not we will have given the terrorists the right to determine our futures."

Lastly: "It's important not to be afraid."

The Douglas Murray Video is here.

His "cartoon crisis" comments are wildly and outrageously correct. Murray is smart, dapper, brave and adorable (and yes I know-wrong team...). It's a pleasure hearing him speak. If he wasn't a public figure, I could totally see him in intelligence circles, outsmarting and outmaneuvering the enemy just like the magnificent blokes who ran the Double Cross system during WW2...)