Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Great Douglas Murray Tears a Strip Off Elite, Suicidal, Immigration Fetishists in Britain

This is so well done. 

Douglas Murray is divine.

The waves of new arrivals to the UK, he says are not the same as us.  

"Nor are they the incomparably cultured and educated Jews who had to flee from Hitler’s Germany. They are people who mostly have no connection with our existing country or culture and often have a very different view of how a country and culture should be run."

"And even if it were true that the waves of immigration up till now had all ended happily, why should it be presumed that it will necessarily have a happy ending this time? In any case it seems a strange experiment to carry out, unasked, upon a nation."

The invasion is based on big lies, not the least of which is: 

"that people who live in very ‘multicultural’ areas have the most positive views of mass immigration and that the problem is the kind of knuckle-dragging racists you allegedly find everywhere outside of London. 

"Many people who lived in an area like Tower Hamlets but who don’t like living in a place where a growing number of women walk around in black tents moved away some time ago

"Such people will of course now be registered as people who haven’t experienced enough ‘diversity’. But perhaps they have. Perhaps they have experienced more than enough and learnt, besides, that much of what is called ‘diversity’ has begun to look distinctly un-diverse."