Sunday, November 15, 2015

About Paris

When "deals" are made with evil, we know there will be innocent victims. When the deals are signed, we just don't know their names.

Europe has held out great hope that their "deal" with the Muslim world would serve as adequate protection money against terrorism. There are so many sick and evil components to the deranged European suicide pact that it is hard to list them all. However, you can be assured that European elites were willing to suck up murderous attacks on Jews for a very long time, if the attacks were contained "just" to Jews. A few dead Jews here or there ruffled no feathers among the leadership of Eurabia.

I predict that nothing will change in Europe as a result of the latest attacks in Paris. Europe will continue to save its murderers. Mercy will be met with more murder. 

Trudeau's plan is more of the same: mercy which will be met with murder. 

The only thing that may change is that a small number of Europeans may start to wonder why their particular loved ones were on the list of sacrifices that "must be made" to maintain European "diversity" and "culture" and whatnot. Some of the Europeans, Americans and others, whose loved ones were butchered in Paris may question why their children, sisters or brothers were made into human sacrifice to Islamic jihad, without their informed consent.

It will take many more deaths and many more people asking this simple question before anything changes:

How many more innocents will have to be sacrificed to this death cult, before something, anything changes?

How many more deaths will it take before civilized people rise up (not necessarily "far right") and say: ENOUGH, and demand a change, and demand a real declaration of war?

As I usually say, and I take no joy in reminding anyone-what starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews. 

We see now that every single terrorist attack method that is trialled on the Jews in Israel or abroad is 'perfected' elsewhere int the world.

"Sheridan wrote that Wilson said the attackers had deliberately singled out handicapped concert-goers for execution.

“They corralled the wheelchair spectators on the first floor balcony and shot them each individually,” Sheridan wrote.

But what wonderful opera we got out of that incident, right? Isn't that the main thing? Not only did a wheelchair-bound Jew get slaughtered, but the Jew-haters of the world could go to the opera, and feel morally superior, and sympathize with the devil at the very same time. Starts with Jews, never ends there.

The barbarians of course saw that not only did nobody care, but that there were so very many suicidal dhimmis who were sympatico to their action. So, barbarism is therefore met with more barbarism. 

France is certainly one of Europe's most hostile governments in terms of Israel and the Jews. And like the other Jew-haters of the EU, they have been terrifically worried about labelling JEW ORANGES instead of perhaps focusing on more existential dilemmas.

What a nice distraction from reality, focusing on JEW PRODUCE instead of Islamic war. 

Now, my friends, as the demographic reality starts to really sink in, there will be fewer Jews to be the victims (even in America) and individual Europeans will become far more concerned with making it through alive than whether or not their produce is contaminated by Joooties. 

This is a statement of submission, not mourning.

And looks like even Justin Trudeau's Drool Bucket Media Fangirl society is realizing that he is a total dud. Surprise. Prime Minister Selfie. 

So, screw all the hashtag warriors and Twitter morons. 

That is a sign of CAPITULATION, not sympathy. 

That broadcasts impotence. It's pathetic. It makes me sick. 

It is better to do nothing than broadcast Western impotence in bright lights on all of the finest monuments of Western civilization

Those are OUR great monuments, they are OUR symbols of our cultural superiority-and it is superior. 

Impotence all around. Disgraceful. 

Remember. When terror strikes you can do nothing or you can do something. 

The "something" isn't just fighting on the front lines. 

There are lots of "somethings" that you can do. Don't be afraid. 

Don't be afraid to tell the truth. 

Don't be afraid to demand that the truth be told. 

Raise your children well. 

Lead by example. 

Carpe diem

Seize this day.