Sunday, November 22, 2015

Rex Murphy: Names Matter

"Names matter — what people are called, and what they themselves wish to be called, matters greatly. So if Jenner says “call me Caitlyn,” Hillary will not oppose the right-thinking baptism."

"However, on another naming subject — one possibly of more import and global consequence than Jenner’s choice of restroom — that of ISIL and radical Islam, Clinton appears to hold an opposite view. ISIL just completed a killing and wounding rampage in Paris. It went about its murderous fling with the usual chants of radical Islam, hurling “Allah Akbar” at its victims — some, dear Lord, in wheelchairs."

"ISIL is of course Islamic, and it is radical by any definition of that weary word. The president of France, François Hollande, declared war on radical Islam in the wake of its multiple ambushes on Paris’ defenceless citizens. He recognizes it for what it says it is — radical, Islamic and terroristic."