Sunday, November 29, 2015

If I Go Anywhere in Europe, It Will Be to Ásotthalom, Hungary to Congratulate Mayor László Toroczkai.


Fighting back works!

Have you seen this?

Fences work (see Israel-DUH!).

Balls spotted in Europe!

I've got Magyar Mania, baby!
He says:

“Almost 100,000 migrants, more than 80 per cent of whom were young men. The leaders of the European Union did nothing to protect their border, and that’s why we had to start taking action of our own."

“In the past months we managed to stop the invasion. Now Ásotthalom is once again a land of peace and order, one of the safest towns in Europe”.

The first message from Mr. Tough Mayor is posted below. I think it's rather effective, don't you?

I particularly like the action music and the strapping, young lads on horseback!  Moderately arousing!

Look, it would be remiss not to note that the Hungarians treated my people VERY badly.

I'm not "over" that, just to be clear. They were savages to the Jews. However, I must commend their response to the invasion. They are one of the few European countries that has not grotesquely invited Jew-haters to replace the dead Jews. That's a pathetically low bar, I know, but it is a higher bar than the rest of blood-soaked Europe.

Hungary is clearly in New Europe.