Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fighting Back Works

This is an excellent story.

It shows that if you fight back against the left, you can win. 

You do not have to accept that your children "must" be brainwashed by hyper-sexualized and perverted individuals or institutions. 

An idiot "educator" decided that he was going to indoctrinate the young children in his school with a propaganda book about the "transgendered" because of one precious snowflake in the system with mental issues ("Jazz").

"Last week, the principal of Mount Horeb Primary Center sent a letter to parents saying the book would be read and discussed because the school has a student who identifies as a girl but was born with male anatomy."

Note: This is a nice way of saying a boy, with a penis, dresses like a girl at school. 

"We believe all students deserve respect and support regardless of their gender identity and expression, and the best way to foster that respect and support is through educating students about the issue of being transgender," the letter said."

Well, guess what? The parents didn't like that and they threatened to sue. 

As a result: 

"The Mount Horeb Area School District released a statement Wednesday saying it will not proceed with its planned reading of the book "I am Jazz," the Capital Times reported ( ). The district said it would give the Board of Education the opportunity to address a situation, for which the district has no current policy."

Because one kid with mental issues (and no doubt, a crazy, aggressive, belligerent single mother and no father in the home) all the children of the school were expected to tag along and be peacefully brainwashed. 

Good on these parents. 

Fighting back works.