Monday, November 23, 2015

Steyn: On Stage With Sinatra

This is a wonderful audio special from Mark Steyn, who has been commemorating Frank Sinatra's centenary over the past months.

It's so good, so you should listen to the whole thing, as I have. 

I have to tell you my very favourite part though (other than just listening to Mark Steyn talk, I mean, he could read recipes out loud and I'd be 100% engaged, I swear I would even listen to him reading Das Kapital or IKEA instructions out loud, IF YOU GET MY POINT) is where Vincent Falcone talks about the great gift of advice that he received from Gordon Jenkins: the orchestra doesn't need to see your face, it needs to see your face-keep your eyes on Frank. 

That advice, in an instant, changed his life, and was the foundational conducting block upon which he build his career. He says there is no way he could have possibly paid him back for that.

What a gift. you know, I've had similar moments of gifted wisdom myself-things that people have said to me, or said around me that have entirely changed my life, and always for the better.

(And if you look at the picture accompanying the article, you'll see exactly that Jenkin's advice in action.)

Having listened to that anecdote, and having experienced that phenomenon myself, makes me even more convinced that these moments and these generous individuals are very large in number indeed, and you can really change your life for the better-merely by listening, but only if you are only open to it.

What a marvellous gem uncovered by Mark Steyn. Kudos.

Just a magnificent interview moment, audio and cerebral gold.