Thursday, November 12, 2015

My Personal Reason for Hating and Never Buying Anything At Starbucks

I really couldn't give a rat's ass about the coffee cups, seriously people-get a life and get some different first-world problems.

If you are going to boycott Starbucks it should be because their coffee tastes like sh&t, and it's so overpriced it's ridiculous. That, and their stupid, freaking fake-Italian sizing system all combine together to make me NEVER EVER BUY THAT CRAP.

However, now there is an even better reason not to spend a dime there.

Because it's home of the whiniest, loooooooooooooosers on the planet.

Behold: Starbucks Seattle "evolves" into a "safe safe" for "victims of LGBTQ hate crimes". 

ZzZZZZzzzzzz snore.

"The epidemic of anti-LGBT hate crimes occurring around coffee shops in liberal Seattle must be the most underreported criminal justice trend in America. Clearly, friends’ houses, churches, hospitals and other shelters no longer suffice to meet the demand."

Mark Steyn says "safe spaces" are where cultures go to die.


Dying while sipping a grande whatthefuccio, whoop-de-doo-pio, LGBTQpaccino machiato gayfrappio, transcaffeinated lesbamericiano loooserachio.

What a way to go.