Friday, November 20, 2015

The Evergreen Crescent

Another week of Islamic terrorism.

More bereaved families, and of course, not "just" Jews.

Hello world, you tried to enjoy your antisemitism, thinking it was "just" about the Jews, but it never is.

You tried to ignore the facts. You still do.

But one of the only facts we need to know is that the dead are multicultural yet the murderers are not. 

The murderers of course, paid special attention to slaughtering Jews in synagogues, and right before the Sabbath, and a young American yeshiva boy doing volunteer work and even a Palestinian that was mistaken for a Jew-without any comment from the Radical Jew-Hater-In-Chief. Guess he's too busy coming up with hashtags to get any work done.

In addition to the blood lust for Jewish blood, they aimed for cafe goers, music lovers, secular, Westerners in the city of love. 

I was too distraught earlier to write lucidly about where I'm at. But basically, I'm sick of the evergreen crescent slaughters.

I'm sick of the burnt offerings at the altar of multiculturalism.

I'm angry. I'm sad because I don't see very many sparks of resistance in the free world.

I'm sick of them being called cowards by our lying, weasel, "leaders" because they are not. I'd prefer a simple declaration and recognition of their evil.

I loathe all those who refuse to say it clearly. Those who are so beholden to their fear, and their multicult fantasies that they refuse to say we face a religion of war. 

Where once gays and Jews lived freely, where music played the dark, green, evergreen crescent curtain goes down. Because you can have a culture of life and gaiety, music and dance, replete with Jews, sexual minorities and religious minorities or you can have a culture that imports masses of invading, anti-democratic hordes from the Muslim Third World. You cannot have both.

You can have a socialist, European paradise or one that suicidally decides to become the rape capital of the Western world, where Jews are hunted and synagogues are shut down for "security" reasons.  You cannot have both.

You can be Great Britain, and "celebrate diversity" of only a certain, nameless kind, or you can decide to be the place where Jews are assaulted regularly, and Jewish schoolchildren get bomb threats. 

We face a growing, emboldened and metastasizing global enemy who knows no border.

An enemy with friends in high places. 

Mark Steyn noted in this interview that what was particularly obcene about Obama's recent behaviour was not "just" that he called the butchered Parisians a "setback", but the uniquely bloodless way that he approached the whole subject. Given John "Paris, you slut, your skirt's too short" Kerry's comments, of course it's not surprising.

But it is indeed particularly disgusting that the mess that he created-the abject abandonment by America of the Middle East on his (and Hillary Clinton's) watch, is what is now creating the current massive invasion of the West by the Muslim Third World. Glitch or design? I know what I think.

They are "refugees", as Steyn points out precisely because America abandoned its leadership and abandoned the entire Middle East. Perhaps that was the point.

Steyn notes:

"Meanwhile, it's business as usual for the Religion of Peace. Five dead in Tel Aviv (Jews), three dead in Mali (Christians). In the latter attack, terrorists stormed the Radisson in Mali yelling "Allahu Akbar!" and took everyone hostage, freeing those who could recite from the Koran. So, had such notable Koranic scholars as Bono and John Kerry been there, they'd have been the first out. But just remember, as Secretary Kerry et al always say, armed men opening fire while shouting "Allahu Akbar!" and demanding you recite from the Koran is nothing to do with Islam!"

Our "leaders", quite literally translate the phrase "Allahu Akbar" into "Nothing To Do With Islam".

Yes, that's their translation.

That's what we are up against.

That's what they live by and that is what we die by.

And the worst, worst part of it is that it doesn't have to be like this.

So very many of us do not wish to be sacrificed, and are willing to fight. As well, the exquisite, craven, submissive, dhimmi deference that the political left demands we must show to our murderers, how much we love and admire and respect them while the bodies are still warm, and the blood is still dripping, and the hearts may well still be beating is disgusting and disgraceful and abject surrender and I will not participate in that charade. Not ever.

The only good news today was this and obviously, that we are alive today, thank you G-d.