Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Your Depressing Western Civilization is Committing Suicide Post of the Day

Just in case the eunuch leadership of the West hasn't depressed you enough, I have a motherlode of links that will completely make you want to drive that Edsel off the cliff.

I'm super busy, so I can't offer my standard, lengthy, pity, Zionist, right wing hatey-hatey-hater commentary, so I'll just post as much as I can before I depress the living crap out of myself.

Brave lady, listen to Ayaan Hirsi Ali: look to Israel for answers. 

Very (very) attractive French Jewish journalist, now living in Israel, says terrorist was always a Jew-hating bully. 

Muslim with massive knife arrested at Canadian parliament buildings. NO BIGGIE, RIGHT?

Muslim in suicide vest arrested, shot (but not killed) in Peterborough, Ontario. 

Minister Naftali Bennet has a pair of big ones and tells the truth, how refreshing: 


"Terror is not born out of despair. It is born out of hope- the hope to take over Jerusalem, Paris and the rest of the world and turn it into a grand caliphate."

Mark Steyn also said something in his Australian interview that is VERY observant. That instead of the gutless, eunuch, preening, disgustingly useless and painfully impotent use of social media by America, that ISIS and the fanatics have made very "good" use of it, using it to recruit very effectively for evil. 

That's why I take what ISIS says, and not Western leaders, at face value. 

Western "leaders" are lying liberal scumbags who are willing to sacrifice each and every one of us and our children at the altar of diversity, cowardice and liberalism. They are totally fine with our blood being spilled as long as there are no visible stains on THEIR hands. There will be no "out, out damned spot" moment for these egomaniacal, suicidal, narcissistic, preening, multicult assholes. That's a promise. 

The boys ("excitable lads" to borrow a Steynism) from the caliphate are telling the truth. 

They say what the mean and they mean what they say.

I have a bazillion other links that I will post later today.