Thursday, November 26, 2015

We are All Prévosts

The Paris attacks (and imagine my surprise) did not come out of the blue, randomly.

The names of the terrorists were known. 

What was not known at the time, was the names of all their victims.

Now we know that as well. We know ALL of their names.

And we know that there will be more names added to a random government list. More and more and more because the Death Cult never sleeps.

I stand with THIS French family.

Piss on all the weepy ceremonies. The post-facto "we are all one" garbage. Piss on decorating your house in French colours.

If more families boycotted their "leaders" hypocrisy, and showed this kind of courage, there would be progress.

"Emmanuelle Prévost, whose brother was killed in the shootings at the Bataclan concert hall, took to Facebook to explain that she felt the government was partly responsible for the attacks."

"Prévost, who family is from Lambesart ,a town near Lille, outlined the reasons for her boycott in a post on her personal Facebook page and on the page ‘We miss you FX’, dedicated to her brother’s memory."

“As the family of François-Xavier Prévost, victim of this slaughter, we will not participate,” wrote Prévost. “We refuse the hand extended by the political representatives of France.”

"She then listed what she perceived to be the authorities’ errors of judgement and failures to prevent the attacks, that have been evoked by many in the aftermath of the November 13th bloodshed."

The Prévost family is courageous and brave. I salute their honesty, and stoic sensibility in this time of personal bereavement and mourning. 

"Prévost referred to the killings at satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket in January, saying: “Nothing was done and ten months later the same men were able to start again, killing ten times as many people.”

"The attacks in January should have been enough!”

That is exactly it. 

We are all Prévosts now, mes amis.