Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Paris Bodies Still Warm, World Worries About Imaginary "Islamophobic" Backlash That Never Happens

As I said earlier this week, I don't believe anything will change as a result of the resent terrorist attack in Paris.

The West is funding and facilitating its own suicide.

It's hard to be optimistic.

Don't get me wrong, I am outraged by the murders. But moreover, I am outraged that there is essentially no outrage. The world seems to be heaving a collective shrug instead of showing collective resolve.

I'm also sickened by the usual displays of moral equivalence, most particularly the lumping together of Jews and Muslims in the same boat.

We are not the same.

The Jewish refugees from the Holocaust and the Syrian "migrants' are not the same in any way. To make that comparison is historically inaccurate, factually incorrect, religiously and culturally antithetical, vulgar and obscene.

Jews and Muslims are only lumped together when it benefits Muslims. When halal food is demanded, it's because 'it's the same as kosher'. It is not.

When Muslims wish to invade Europe, it's because 'it's the same as the Jews in the Holocaust". It is not.

Jews being sympathetic to the Syrians will not make them like us any better, or mitigate any future attacks. But it's all about the preening. Disgusting. These lefty extremist, who were simply born Jewish make me nauseous. Not in my name, jerks.

The only "good" thing to come out of this horror is that more Jews are packing their bags and leaving France, instead of waiting for the next terrorist attack to specifically hit the Jewish community again.

And maybe it would be slightly easier even for a hatey-hatey-hater like me to be sympathetic to the imaginary backlash that never happens if after these Islamic jihadists commit their various terrorist attacks, that the world conversation and the narrative could stop being about them and instead focus on the victims.

It's always about them.