Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Steyn: Live Frisked Or Die

Do read Steyn's post: Live Frisked Or Die, which is wonderful, and not just because he cites my post on the latest Jew-hating obscenities of Eurabia.

PS: Fuck you, Europe. 

Steyn notes:

"The corrupt and insulting sense of entitlement of the Clinton campaign is quite remarkable. On Monday, the former Secretary of State, who currently holds no public office, filed her entry as a presidential candidate in the New Hampshire primary. This is a formal requirement which these days candidates turn into a promotional event. However, in the four decades he has served as New Hampshire's Secretary of State, Bill Gardner has never been treated as contemptuously as he was yesterday by Mrs Clinton. Her Secret Service detail required that Secretary Gardner submit to a humiliating pat down for the privilege of entering his own office to participate in Hillary's crappy photo op."

"Just to be clear here, on this occasion Mr Gardner is the public official and Mrs Clinton a mere citizen (citizens being these days extremely mere). But, as in her email scandal, the rules that apply to others do not apply to her. So for Hillary, who cared so little for security as America's chief foreign policy official that she let the Russians, Chinese and any other half-competent intelligence service read her emails in real time, the real security threat is dear old Bill Gardner."

I have to tell you, the key word in this whole post is "submit". 

Too many people are submitting too willingly nowadays. 

It is Remembrance Day, so I will have more on submission, on resistance and on valour later today after I attend an official ceremony.