Saturday, November 28, 2015

"The Secret of the Jewish People's Eternal Existence"

Do read the whole thing. It's wonderful and truly resonated with me.

"Philosophers, historians and sociologists have tried for many years to discover the eternal secret of the Jewish people's existence. Since the Jews set out on their long journey through history, countless attempts have been made to wipe them out. They encountered persecution, destruction, and exterminations wherever they went. Despite all the attempts, we have remained the oldest of nations, as well as the smallest."

"On Thursday, in a moment of special insight and great spiritual uplifting, I discovered the eternal Jewish secret.

"I was an uninvited guest at the wedding of Sarah Tehiya Litman and Ariel Bigel. Like many others who came to the Jerusalem Convention Center for the event, I felt it was a great mitzvah to cheer up the bride and groom, who went to their wedding straight from mourning Sarah's father, Yaakov, and brother Netanel, shot to death by a Palestinian terrorist last week."

"Jews who have great faith and determination cannot be defeated, certainly not by beasts lacking any shred of humanity."

"The people rise like a lioness; they rouse themselves like a lion" (Numbers 23:24).