Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Balls Spotted in France? But Is It Too Late? (Yes)

This is interesting. 

“We are the avant-garde of change in France,” Mr. Ménard, 62, declared in the interview."

“I don’t want this city to be majority-Muslim, at all,” he said."

“There is a majority of the Muslim population that is incapable of living within the norms of this country.”

I love this country,” he said, ticking off France’s prowess in literature, art and architecture, even its “way of looking at women. I am as attached to them as to my own eyes,” he said.

“The identity of this city is not a Muslim identity,” Mr. Ménard continued. “This is a problem of numbers. When you’ve got two-thirds of the kids in a school with Muslim names — that’s a disaster. Impossible. There’s no way you could want this.”

Oddly enough, a local Muslim immigrant isn't impressed: 

He’s a racist,” a Moroccan man, who would give his name only as Bader, said in the tiny cafe he operates behind a 12th-century church here. “We’ve got to get rid of him. He wants France only for the French."

Yes, France only for the French. What a concept! Like how crazy is that!?!?!?

For real and not for joking, I cannot believe that I am cheering on the French!  

(OK, not really but you get my point. Having stones is better than not. Having wine is better than not.)