Thursday, November 12, 2015

Real War on Women and Little Girls: No "Safe Space" in Afghanistan Edition


While university students in the free world whine about poop swastikas and tuition fees, don't you think this poor little girl deserved some "safe space"?

How about her head? Does a little girl in the Middle East deserve to live and have her head and body remain intact and attached together?


There is no "safe space" for 9 year old girls in Afghanistan. 

These are the utter barbarians that "we" in the West went to war for.

What a waste of life and blood to try to civilize these barbarians. They not only kill the infidels, they kill each other when there aren't enough infidels around.

Western feminists were unavailable at press time.

"Guards shot at protestors who had carried the coffin of a young girl to the Afghan president's palace after she was found beheaded on Saturday."

"The girl was one of seven Hazaras – a minority group of Persian-speaking Shia Muslims – whose bodies were discovered in the country’s south-eastern Zabul province. It is believed that the group was taken hostage by militants about a month ago."

"No one has claimed responsibility for the killings, but Afghan officials have blamed extremists ranging from the Taliban to Isis."

(Interesting language...a range!)