Monday, November 9, 2015

Europe and Its Ongoing War Against the Jews: Kristallnacht Without Jews Edition UPDATED!

Every time I think that modern European Judenhass has reached peak madness, I find another low.

Behold: how Swedes "commemorate" Kristallnacht, with ceremonies where no Jews are allowed. 

Sweden (with Malmo as the rape capital of the west) has now followed Saudia Arabia's lead. Saudia Arabia of course is a Jew-hating land in a land with no Jews.

Sweden is now a Jew-hating land where there can be no Jews commemorating Jewish dead.

According to the Swedes, Jews must bequeath Holocaust "commemoration" which in actual fact, is no more than a Nazi comparison, to the Jew-haters themselves.

When local Jews tried to participate, they were shut down and told to just shut up.

"According to local media and the leader of the city’s small Jewish community, organizers from the local branch of the Arbetarpartiet, or Workers Party, declined to invite them to attend or address the gathering, which some believe has been repurposed for political reasons."

"According to Carrine Sjöberg, the head of the organized Jewish community there, she was shocked to learn that the reason she was not contacted was because organizers believes that “Jewish people will be scared to come because they usually have Israeli flags with the swastika on them.”

(This is a disgusting lie.)

But hey those damned Jews are just a bunch of cowards, right? So, no biggie, right? 

This is the world we live in. This is Europe. Europe is where Jew-haters insist on retaining a monopoly on Jewish death in every facet. 

They want no real responsibility for having actually murdered Jews-oh dear, no. They want no responsibility for importing vast swarms of Jew-haters into their midst to attack the Jews that stayed in Europe-oh dear, no. They just want all the Jews dead and finally, finally gone so they can shed some more fake tears at Holocaust memorials, as they tearfully insist that the damned living Jews, those damned evil uppity living and BREATHING Jews are the Nazis. 

I haven't a single ounce of pity in me for Europe, and especially not for Sweden. 

When we dig a little further down into this Swedish obscenity, we find that the Jews are being excluded from mourning their very own dead not "just" because they are actually the real Nazis, in the Swedish mind, but because of "security" don't you know. 

I always say that "security is the new shut up".  


"The organizers of “Umeå against Nazism,” held in the city of Umeå last week, said that anti-Semitic and anti-Israel protests have occurred at past events and that it would be an unsafe environment for Jews."

Actually, what they cannot admit is that all of Sweden is an "unsafe environment for Jews". 

All of Europe, every last square inch of its blood-soaked soil is "an unsafe environment for Jews". 

And believe me, and this is a warning and a promise: any place that is "an unsafe environment for Jews" is an unsafe environment for any civilized person. The more hostile an "environment" is for Jews, the bigger the danger for all.   

Lights out, Europe.