Monday, November 9, 2015

"I Stand With Ran Baratz"

This is exactly what I was saying.

Because Baratz dared say something about His Royal Touchyness, Barack Hussein Obama, he must be punished.

Lefties are going bananas. 

The proper response to "HE SAID SOMETHING" is 'so what'.

Meotti explains: 

"One must not dare to insult His Majesty Barack Obama nor His Royal Highness John Kerry. It is however permissible and perfectly fine to describe Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as "chicken***"."

"Ran Baratz was the victim of a political Stalinist coercion campaign. Baratz as a private person expressed legitimate views when he was not a public figure."

"However, Baratz's biggest "sin" is living in Kfar Adumim, a Jewish town in Judea, and so belonging to the so-called "Jewish settlers", the world's most hated group of people. Baratz also supported the idea of Jewish prayer on Temple Mount, while the Israeli left would give it up tomorrow."