Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Must Read: Sultan Knish, "Our Insecure Culture Warriors".

Lots of smart in here. 

Read the whole thing.  It's so good I've read it twice already.

This is the money phrase: "The left always gets what it wants and is never happy."

And this is a close second, and it's a brilliant observation: "Each achievement leaves behind a sense of emptiness."

That is so true.

I cannot even count the number of morose lefties that I have met who embody that exact phrasing.

Greenfield is one smart Jew. This article really defines the modern "social justice warrior and it ain't pretty.

This is the political left in all its glory:

"Culture War 2.0 politicizes narcissism and insecurity."

"The politicization of insecurity lets everyone be a victim."

"Anyone can turn their feelings of shame or ostracism into political awareness. Feelings not only displace reason, they warp ideology around themselves, so that ideology becomes a means of emotional venting."

"Activism becomes catharsis. Hating others becomes therapy. No one is cured, but making things better was never the point."

"Our emotionally unstable activist elites veer from narcissism to insecurity. Their politics are manic-depressive efforts at managing their emotions by controlling others. They retreat to political safe spaces, gnaw at each other and then emerge forth to demand that the world be made safe for their feelings

"The left always gets what it wants and is never happy. The purpose of its idiot activism isn't progress, but drama. Each achievement leaves behind a sense of emptiness. It isn't about rights, it's about conflict. It's not about giving to someone. It's about taking from someone else."