Sunday, November 8, 2015

So, About That Merced Stabbing...

An interesting little update from PJ Media about the lone wolf/nothing to do with Islam fellow.

Apparently, he was pissed about being kicked out of a study group (!).

Doesn't everyone plan a beheading when they are kicked out of a study group?

I mean for real. That sound legit, right?

Read the whole piece and especially the creepy smiling bit. I always have found it infuriating to see terrorists in Israeli courts smiling as they are led into or away from court, but I thought that was just satisfaction with having hurt or killed Jews, and an additional act of barbaric defiance. However, I was not aware that there were scriptural roots to the smiles. Interesting.

From the comments, there is another interesting link to a local news source: 

"From the information I have gathered, the suspect was indeed not only on the FBI’s terrorist watch list but he was also on a national watch list and had been one of the topics of discussion at a recent FBI briefing to Merced County law enforcement leaders. According to recently obtained information, about 6 months ago the FBI held a terrorist/extremist briefing with Merced County law enforcement leaders. At this meeting several suspected terrorist with ISIS links were said to be here in Merced County. Names and photos were presented including one of Faisal Mohammad. 

"Based on the FBI’s own analysis and a number of people on the terrorist watch list that are in the area they projected an attack at the UC Merced campus. Though they were not absolutely certain of the attack on the UC they did feel that there was enough information for them to be here if it did.'

"According to my sources the UC Chancellor was also briefed on the potential threats."

"A witness who wishes to remain anonymous stated that they had seen what appeared to be a picture of an ISIS flag which was pulled out of the suspect’s pocket. Two of my law enforcement sources have verified that this is in fact true and that the UC Chancellor along with the FBI and DHS have instructed our local media and our local law enforcement leaders to feed the current narrative that FM was a disgruntled student instead of what he actually was… an extremist Muslim bent on attacking American students in the name of ISIS. 

"And their reasoning for not informing Merced County residents or our out-of-town students and their parents about these potential threats to their lives? According to all three law enforcement sources the information was withheld because it would be bad for business. Protecting four innocent people’s lives and the truth was bad for business."

"We know that law enforcement leaders will frown upon us because of this story but we are not here to please everybody. We are here to tell you, Merced County, the information that helps keep you safe, allows you to make informed community decisions, and helps create a better place for all to live. From this story we hope that the people of Merced County will demand better information from the other local media who have ignored the real story they have been given because, well they just don’t give a damn. And we do hope you will start making phone calls tomorrow to every CA politician that represents you. Call every media outlet that’s supposed to tell you. And call every law enforcement leader who is tasked with protecting you and ask them simply, “Why did you fail to inform me of the truth?”