Thursday, April 14, 2016

American Tyranny Alert!

This is not good (but not surprising alas, in Obama's America).

And this makes me very apprehensive about Mark Steyn's current legal woes with the Big Climate Mafia.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute is being prosecuted for Climate Change Blasphemy and Heresy by the Obama administrations Big Clime Mutawa. 

Now, the CEI is planning to fight back, but I fear that their very sensible, freedom-oriented, liberty-defending, constitutionally-protected-right-to-free-speech position just doesn't matter to the American government. 

Their position:

"It is not and cannot become a crime to disagree with a government official."

(This is where we are at people. This is tyranny.)

"Somewhere along the line, dissent from orthodoxy has transformed from a uniquely American virtue to a crime. This subpoena is a blatant attack on CEI’s First Amendment rights of free speech and association. It threatens the rights of anyone who holds opinions different from those with the power of the federal or state governments behind them."

"What other issues are next on the taboo list? If the attorneys general succeed, we can be assured this list will vary from election to election—something for all people of good conscience to dread."

The problem is that man good people have already been prosecuted and persecuted and punished by the government precisely for their views on other issues (gay marriage cakes anyone, nunnery-provided abortion pills anyone) so that a large and silent majority of the "people of good conscience" will be cowered into submission and silence. 

The fighters are far and few between. 

Not that many "people of good conscience" have the resources, the funds, the faith and/or the strength to fight this kind of sustained campaign against these evil bastards, even when it is a fight for their own right to their own consciousness, thoughts and beliefs. Most people just put their heads down and try not to attract too much attention. 

Seriously fuck that. 

I shan't write anymore now because I don't want to depress myself. 

I have to take my regular, Dr. Laura prescription for blocking out societal, apocalyptical doom: run a few miles while listening to 70s disco, have a schvitz and flip through a few cheesy, salacious Hollywood gossip magazines.