Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Once Again: Alpha Male Homosexuals Are the Toughest Dudes in All of Eurabia

See this is courage. 

While the political establishment of France caves and submits, the homosexuals of France understand exactly what is going on and refuse to play footsie with the sharia regime that will happily execute them at the first opportunity.

Iran executes gays. 

ISIS throws gay people off buildings. 


You cannot have a culture that celebrates sexual diversity AND embraces sharia. 

At some point, you have to choose. 

Europe, for the most part, has chosen submission to sharia.

But courageous gay people in Europe seem to be choosing freedom, contrary to the wishes of the political elitist establishment dhimmis. The elites are happy to sacrifice gays, along with sacrificing their womenfolk first to the rapefugees.

Did anyone ever think they would see the day when gay, French airline workers would be noted for having the biggest stones in Europe?