Monday, April 18, 2016

Brussels Terrorist Starred in "Successful Muslim Integration" Documentary

Read about this over the weekend. 

Lots of commentary takes the view that this is a perfect, epic failure in filmmaking and integration.

("oh yeah, GREAT integration work, Eurabia")

I would argue that from the perspective of ISIS and the proponents of the Muslim takeover of Europe, that this chap is actually the model of "integration".

Because when we in the West say "integration" and "success" we mean one thing. And we don't mean the same thing as the "migrants".

When you look at this story from the perspective of the invading culture, "integrating" seamlessly into a trusting and submissive society to have "success" at the jihad-then this fellow is actually the picture perfect, almost too good to be true rock star of jihadi "integration".

In other words-this is not a tale of irony and should not be read as such.