Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Must Read: Male in Female Bathrooms, Modesty Anyone?

So good.

So much seichel in one place.

"It’s happening with astonishing speed."

"The radical left has moved from the redefinition of marriage to the nullification of gender. If you feel that you are a woman, then justice demands that you and your penis have the right to use the women’s restroom."

"The left claims to care about the oppressed. But, in truth, the left seeks to balkanize America by creating and catering to carefully cultivated victim groups. The left then plays one group off the next in a cynical game of thrones designed to replace family with centralized government. Not content to force abnormal behavior upon society, the left demands a level of conformity that would leave Mao giddy with admiration."

"At the moment, men and women who are sexually confused are at the top of the leftist heap of victims. Next come homosexuals, Muslims, women of color, then maybe white women. White Christian men and women are actively despised. Black Conservatives are treated like heretics. Torah Jews and unborn infants are less than zero."
Read the whole thing.