Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Barbara Kay: The Scourge of Antisemitic Jews

I adore Barbara Kay. 


Her analogy to honour killings is absolutely brilliant.

"Ask a hardline BDS Jew what Israel could possibly do to meet BDS standards for a morality pure enough to call off the boycott, and still maintain its national security, and she will not be able to answer you. BDS Jews are unappeasable, because they want Israel not to be there altogether. They remind me of families from the Middle East and South Asia who feel their daughter has shamed them by her impurity, and believe the only way to redress their family’s honour is through her sacrifice. The BDS crowd’s disgust with Israel is that visceral."

"And I refuse to call their revulsion of Israel a form of self-hatred, because I think our tribe’s most visible haters — like Naomi Klein, Max Blumenthal, Ilan Pappé and Judith Butler (a hardline BDS who recently received an honorary doctorate under the aegis of a Jewish chancellor from McGill University) — are brimming over with self-love and unearned self-esteem. They think they’re the new prophets. But the old prophets only demanded that Jews live up to the demands placed on them by Judaism, not the demands placed on them by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and The New York Times."