Monday, April 18, 2016

Israel Is Using Social Media to Prevent Terror Attacks

Via Israeli Ambassador to South Africa Arthur Lenk. 

To which I say good. 

I'm sick of ISIS being the masters of the social media universe. I am delighted that the IDF and the GSS are getting on top of the endless diet of Palestinian blood-lust social media incitement. 

This is very interesting, very smart and very inspiring.

Amazing work:

"While Israeli ministers accuse Palestinians of incitement to murder on the internet and have tried, unsuccessfully so far, to persuade companies like Facebook to remove such content from their webpages, the intelligence community sees the social media networks as its main opportunity to spot attackers in advance. With the average perpetrator aged between 15 and 25, the great majority of them are active on Facebook and Twitter, and in hindsight are found to have given some inkling of their intentions online."


“It’s a new paradigm where not only are we dealing with individuals with no organisational affiliation, but a week or even a day before, they had no idea they were going to carry out an attack,” explains an Israeli intelligence officer. “What we can do is build in-depth profiles of past perpetrators, what motivated and inspired them, and based on what they have in common locate those with similar characteristics.”

"Some of this can be found in descriptions posted by young Palestinians online in their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Typical profiles of past perpetrators include allegations that Israel is “desecrating” the al-Aqsa mosque on Temple Mount in Jerusalem, complaints about the Palestinian leadership, and declarations of how they belong to a “lost generation” or are personally enraged by a relative, friend or neighbour having been killed by Israel. This is often coupled with personal problems, such as forced marriages, debt and social exclusion. Some of the perpetrators caught alive have admitted under interrogation that they wanted to kill themselves, avoiding shame by being regarded as “martyrs”. This now termed by Israeli security people as “suicide by IDF”."

"Using specially developed algorithms to monitor the social media accounts of young Palestinians has yielded a list of potential suspects, and in some cases has allowed the IDF in recent weeks to stop attackers before they could act. Dozens of young men and women have received “warning visits” by the Shin Bet security service, in which they and their parents are told they’re under surveillance. The names are also passed on to the Palestinian Authority’s security apparatus so they can keep tabs on them."

Kudos, IDF and Shabak. This is pro-active, Yiddische kopf stuff. The Israeli Ministers who were whining to private companies, owned by leftists about on-line incitement were wasting their breath and have no concept of how things move on the internet. Good grief: SO LAME. 

There should be NO expectation of cooperation from (leftist owned) social media giants against the incitement by Palestinians to murder Jews. So, thank G-d, the IDF and General Security Services are not waiting for social media oligarch permission to come up with better, and more efficient plans. 

This is also case for why Arabic language skills should be cultured VERY early on in Israel's education system.