Friday, April 15, 2016

Germany Is Dar Al Islam

Former communist, barren, unmarried, spinster and barren, secular, leftist G-dless, Islamophiliac German political chick bows to Islamic blasphemy laws. 

Who could have EVER seen that coming?

And a new feature, not bug of the Islamic invasion of Germany is sharia-yeah, imagine that: first the ladies skirts were too short, then they were told to keep the rapists at arm's length, then the advertisements were too sexy, women scared to go out at night alone, blah blah blah and now the sharia progression continues-German nightclubs hardest hit. 


Meanwhile, Doug Saunders, Simon Schama, Louise Arbour and Jonathan Kay will be happy to know that excitable, young migrants are finding true love in Europe. True, young love. I mean, really young love. 

Apparently this is all perfectly fine with the parents of these pre-pubescent girls so it's all good.