Monday, April 11, 2016

Free, Legal, Sanctioned Gendercide in Canada: "Sex Selective Abortions MAY Be Driving Male Baby Boom Among Indian Born Moms in Canada"


"...women who immigrated from India who already had two children gave birth to 138 boys for every 100 girls. If they already had three children, they give birth to 166 males for every 100 females. That ratio rises to 326 boys per 100 girls for Indian-born mothers with two daughters who had an abortion preceding her third birth."

"It was 409 boys for every 100 girls if the mother had more than one abortion."

"Lead author Marcelo Urquia of Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital says it’s illegal in Canada to use such technologies as in-vitro fertilization to select the sex of a fetus."

"But an ultrasound can show the baby’s sex at 14 weeks’ gestation, at which point a woman can choose to terminate the pregnancy."

"Urquia says because abortions are legal and covered by government health insurance, families with a preference for sons may be using the procedure to try to get a boy."