Monday, April 11, 2016

Updates From Eurapia

Is it possible for Eurape to be more suicidal, disgusting and depressing?!??!


Here are some painful links.

The one from Gatestone is painful on a philosophical and intellectual level. 

There are several dozen links in the story, but the basic idea is this:

"This miscarriage of justice being orchestrated against Geert Wilders is merely one aspect of the many prosecutions being carried out under laws less about prevention and punishment of actual crimes, and more about criminalizing dissent against the demographic transformation of Europe."

That is a very fine summary of what is going on. And here is what is happening to those in Europe who dare to resist, and when I say "resist" I am referring to the most pathetic, mild and innocuous forms of "resistance"-demonstrating, using social media and wearing funny hats for goodness sake.

Thus, in Eurapia: 

"Dutchmen who tweet their opposition to the construction of "refugee" centers in their townsreceive visits from police who threaten them with charges of sedition. A Belgian who spoke out about Muslim children in the city's schools cheering the recent Brussels attacks welcomed three policemen to his door. And a London man who tweeted about his decision to confront a Muslim over her views on the Brussels attacks was arrested, had his home raided, and all his computer equipment seized. More well-known, Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel was caught on an open microphone asking Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg to curtail speech critical of "the wave of Syrian refugees entering Germany."

And this horrendous true observation: 

"If one tenth of this accusatory effort had been spent to pursue imams using European mosquesto preach actual violent sedition, the terrorist threat Europe now faces might now be negligible."

But as I always say, if my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle.

But wait! There's more other gruesome stuff (you can thank me later).

There's this article from Jim Goad (via Kathy Shaidle Bagel)...good there a male or female reading this who is NOT squeezing his or her legs together whilst reading?

Goad's description of the (allegedly) heterosexual who feels really bad that his rapist is getting deported is devastating:

"But he is a specimen of True Belief that is so extreme, you can’t even rape it out of him. Hauken walks the walk and talks the talk. Or, more properly, he limps the limp and lisps the lisp."

Actually that's a pretty apt summary of most of Eurapia right now. These Europeans are so brainwashed, so supine and so deferent to their new overlords that not even rape changes their minds. 

The torrid romance between Islam and the political, secular left is a toxic cocktail of death-cult nihilism affecting the human condition and brain in a way that the world has not been seen since the previous tidal waves of totalitarian, political nihilism known as communism and Nazism. 

That's why I am generally inclined toward  a combination of anger and mild 'told you so'/schadenfreude instead of sympathy when I think of Europe. 

I simply have no tears for the suicidal nations of Europe. 

European values are now submission to evil, deference to evil and collaboration with evil. 

Europe is contemptible.