Monday, April 18, 2016

When Your State Wants You To Be Murdered

I watched this over the weekend and have to admit that my sleep was disturbed because of it.

I'm not sure you can watch this whole thing without feeling very sick about the idea of the entire force of the (allegedly democratic) state being thrown against you, in order to shut you up and intimidate you at best, and have you murdered in prison at worst.

This is a chilling story, and unfortunately, Robinson's thesis seems entirely reasonable to me.

That does not mean I'm a Robinson cheerleader-I trust no man, I trust only in G-d. We humans can choose to lead, to be led or to bury our heads in the sand trying not to attract attention. Those who don't make the choice to lead should not whine incessantly about the many flaws and imperfections of those who to do try to lead or at least do something. If you can do it better, then you should. If you are less flawed, you try it. If you write better, argue better,  or fight better, then you should. 

So here is the story of an inarguably flawed human at the mercy of the entire apparatus of the state, until he had proper (expensive) legal representation and an exceptionally sympathetic justice hear his case.

Robinson's story and this video in particular, are terrifying.

And the leftists out there shouldn't be so smug about this happening to someone on the right. Lefties turn on each other and eat their own like there's no tomorrow.  And when (rare) liberty-loving liberals start to oppose the surrender of their country in increasing numbers, they, too, will find themselves under the scrutiny of the state. They too, will be targets. The horrific classification as "Enemy of the State", will not elude liberals. That's a promise.

And the process, as Mark Steyn always says, will be their punishment as well.