Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mark Steyn: Simple Simon Met A Pieman

Have I mentioned lately that I adore Mark Steyn? 

Probably not...the thought JUST crossed my mind. I'm sure I've never blogged about that before!


Do listen to this spot from the John Oakley Show earlier this morning.

So much good stuff in here.

Further to Bono's comedy warrior plan, I was wondering why Bono hates African Americans and Jews so much?

Why would he wish a death sentence on Chris Rock, Sacha Baron-Cohen and Amy Schumer? What did they ever do to him?

Black people are called "abed", or "slave" in Arabic in Muslim countries.

And Jewish people don't generally end up getting to do the big kick ass monologue in Muslim countries. Or if they do, it's something like "I am a Jew..."

It's really hard to deliver that kick-ass comedy routine on Infidel's Night when your head is no longer attached to your neck.