Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Steyn: Captain Quantum Says: "I Got Nuttin"

Great spot, YUUUUUUGE spot from Mark Steyn on the Oakley show this morning. 

My favourite parts were the spot-on analysis of our feckless, gutless, Islamophiliac Prime Minister ("I got nuttin").

Just as a reminder about Prime Minister Trudeau's sentiments on jihadist terrorists ("excluded"), here's the flashback video and look at the love emanating from Peter Manscrush toward Justin. Manscrush looks just radiant, doesn't he?

I am also really greatly, FRANKLY YUUUGELY relieved to know that all of Mark Steyn's research on climate change and otherwise is done in crayon and peer-reviewed by his dog (I hope Marvin Steyn is not jealous, but maybe he gets to edit?).  This seems to me an absolutely excellent and YUGE system of checks and balances and is certainly a more rigorous, 'evidence-based' process than the existing norms of academia.

Listen to the whole thing.