Monday, April 25, 2016

Real War on Women: "This is What It's Like to Pee After Female Genital Mutilation"

Feminists unavailable for comment at press time ever, ever, ever EVAH EVAH.

They will never comment about FGM because it's 99.9% a Muslim thing.

FGM is a barbaric practice, it is a sinister, disgusting and evil thing done to women.  And the gutless wankers of the political left turn a blind eye to this barbarism. I vomit in their direction.

"The first time you notice your physicality has changed is your pee," says Hibo Wardere
"An open wound rubbed with salt or hot chilli - it felt like that," she recalls.

"And then you realise your wee isn't coming out the way it used to come. It's coming out as droplets, and every drop was worse than the one before. This takes four or five minutes - and in that four or five minutes you're experiencing horrific pain."

"Things that were supposed to be expanding have gone. So the hole that you have is very small and sex is very difficult. You do get pleasures - but it's once in a blue moon."

"When Hibo became pregnant for the first time in 1991, aged 22, she says she was tortured by the idea of medical staff looking at her genitals, which had been physically altered."

"I remember taking the pillow and just putting it on my face because I didn't want the humiliation, the pain," she says. "Knowing all those eyes were going to look at me, was too much."

"During the birth, she experienced flashbacks of being cut - which is a common experience of survivors. At the time, she was the first FGM survivor that staff at the hospital in Surrey had seen. Neither she, nor they, had any idea how to try to make the birth easier."

"Before they could even think of what was going to happen and how they're going to deliver this boy, my son came, They had to cut me. My son actually ripped parts of me as well because he was coming with such a force," Hibo recalls.