Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mark Steyn: Eight Simple Words For Explaining Eurabian Suicide

Could be a fabulous new hit show!

Could really BLOW UP prime time!

Will be DA BOMB.

Eight Simple Words For Explaining Eurabian Suicide: 

"in Europe, the less Islam, the less terrorism"

I would call that STEYNSPLAINING. 

But, just in case there are any leftist dolts reading this, here's the sloooooooooower Mark Steyn explanation for all you Louise Arbour, Doug Saunders, Simon Schama, Jon Kay, semi Trevor Phillips types out there: 

"It shouldn't be that simple, but it is: that's why Brussels and Paris get bombed, but not Warsaw and Prague. But it applies to broader questions of social cohesion, too: the less Islam, the less terrorism, and the less polygamy, the less female genital mutilation, the less Jew-hate, the less gay-bashing, and the less self-segregation into no-go emirates where the state's writ no longer runs. When you import Muslims, you are importing a certain percentage not just of "radical" "extremist" terrorists but of unexceptional run-of-the-mill misogynists, bigots and Islamic supremacists. So why keep adding to your problems?"

That's the question that the political left is unwilling to answer. 


It's because submission to totalitarian power is what the left does. That's their thing. The secular political left is about power, the worship of power and the idol-worship of the evil, murderous humans who seize and yield the most power over other humans, and control their very lives and deaths. 

Nazism was defeated, communism crushed (back when America was the leader of the free world), and now there is the current torrid love affair between the political left and Islam. The bastard love child of these two "cultures" is the nihilistic death cult and chaos that we see today thriving in Europe and seeding in North America and Australia. 

The other question that they won't ever answer is the one that Mark Steyn asked at the Munk Debate, and all the grubby, suicidal and supine leftists out there should never be left off the hook till they actually answer this: exactly which glorious parts of sharia-based cultures should we really, really, really celebrate? 

The answer of course: precisely nothing. 

And "precisely nothing" is what will be left of our freedom if we don't get serious about fighting back and living free.