Friday, April 15, 2016

Badass of the Week: Tibor Rubin

A reader directed me to the Badass of the Week site, and it's really great.

Then he subsequently sent me this link. 

Total Jewish badass. Love!

Read the whole thing:

"Born in Hungary in 1929, Tibor Rubin's father was a shoemaker who'd also just so happened to be a war hero in World War I who had fought on the Eastern Front and survived six years in a Russian Gulag POW camp. Despite fighting in the Austro-Hungarian Army as an ally of the German Empire, Mr. Rubin's Jewishness apparently outweighed his patriotism, and when Adolf Hitler came rolling up in 1943 with his Final Solution the entire Rubin family was sent to Auschwitz. It's quite honestly beyond the scope of a website comprised primarily of history-based dick jokes to get into what went on there, but it was bad. Tibor Rubin's father, sister, and mother did not make it out alive, and Tibor himself, only 13 when he was taken, was forced to endure 14 grueling months after being transferred to Mauthausen Concentration Camp in Austria."

"When the horrific death camp was liberated by American soldiers in 1945, 15 year-old Tibor Rubin swore from that moment on he would repay the United States for getting him out of there."

"It took Rubin 3 years to get to the states, and he immediately attempted to enlist in the United States Army. He was denied because he failed the English test. So he learned English, tried again in 1950, was accepted, went to boot camp, and was immediately shipped out to South Korea to fight and die for his new country."

"Rubin was happy to do it."