Thursday, April 14, 2016

"Anti-Zionistm" Is Antisemitism: GET. OVER. IT.

A good one, but I fear-mostly preaching to the converted. 


"Those who believe Jews control the media and the banks, or that it’s OK to respectfully debate whether or not they do, make no distinction between the good, enlightened Jews who wash their hands of Israel and the bad ones, who have the temerity of adhering to their faith and their nationality like any other normal people in the world. And those Jews who believe that their liberal sophistication will somehow save them from the wrath of bigotry should strongly reconsider: Never send to know for whom the anti-Semites troll; they troll for thee."

These type of articles are worth reading because they are phrased well and intellectually satisfying to those of us who really do understand that the "anti-Zionists" have a big Jew problem. 

The problem is that the message will never get to, or penetrate the minds of the very individuals who need it most.