Thursday, April 7, 2016

Steyn: The New Man And His Gender Gap

This is a Marksterpiece. 

I had a feeling something devastating was percolating and voila, here we are!

There are so many knock-out punches in here, it's very hard to identify my favourite parts. I love the whooooooooole thing.

It starts off with a moderate helpful, Steynian suggestion to Jonathan Kay that "If you're going to present yourself as a fact-checker, you could at least get off your arse and check facts" and quickly progresses to "shagged sheep" mode despite Steyn's protest to the contrary.

Steyn also has other choice words for the Toronto-based beta-male liberal "writers who purport to be experts" on the migrant issue.

And this? Painful:

Steyn: " doubt Saunders' agent is already pitching his next book. Forthcoming from Knopf Canada:

Hey, What's The Big Deal About Gang Rape?
by Doug Saunders

"Spirited!" - Jonathan Kay

Then there's the big question of "Where are all the men?". 

I also believe that a steady diet of radical feminism has conditioned many Western men into their current, uninterested and castrated zombie-like state. It's been much more important to "feminist" women that men take their wive's last names, and hyphenate their children's names than to actually think about potential damage of the breakdown of  traditional families. Thus we have legions of barren, unmarried women muttering "fish without a bicycle, fish without a bicycle" as they lament their lonely twilight years. 

The political left has had a decades-long, torrid flirtation with radical Islam and now the relationship is being consummated in Europe- but you know, rape, consummate, whatever right liberal men?!??!?!

Men today have a strip torn off publicly for opening a door for a woman, never mind preventing a rape! 

The political left has destroyed traditional roles for men and women and that has a societal cost. The cost is a vacuum that Islam is delighted to fill. 

You cannot intentionally destroy men, feed little boys a steady diet of Ritalin, tell parents that "William Wants a Doll" (Free to Be You And Me) and then expect those same, eunuchs to defend civilization and defend their own women and families from raping Muslim immigrant marauders. It just doesn't work that way. 

The left cares not a whit about the Christians of the Middle East, about the Jews being slaughtered by jihadi terrorists, nor about the rights of free speech and other pillars of Western civilization. Our hard-won, fragile, young democracies are crumbling in front of our eyes.  

Therefore, this is the Gospel According to the Prophet Mark Steyn: 

"when the chips are down, your fellow lefties won't be there for you".

But nobody but us crazy, hatey right wingers seems to know or care anything about it. 

"A source told that Norris is alive and living a new, quiet life in an undisclosed location and that the decision to completely disappear was spurred by fear for the lives of her loved ones. However, many argue she was hardly given a choice."

“People are shocked to realize a journalist inside the U.S. could be forced into hiding by radical Islam,” said author Larry Kelley, founder of the Free Molly Norris Foundation. “This issue is a really big one as far as our freedoms are concerned."

"Kelley’s foundation has raised an undisclosed sum and hopes to give it to Norris to help her get by, but hasn’t been able to get in touch with her."

"And the fatwa against Norris has not faded. She was again spotlighted three years ago in Al Qaeda’s “Inspire” magazine on its “Wanted: Dead or Alive for Crimes Against Islam” list alongside the likes of Rushdie and French cartoonist Stephane Charbonnier, known for his irreverent drawings of Muhammad."

"The fatwa against Charbonnier ended Jan. 7, 2015, when two Muslim fanatics stormed the offices of his employer, the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, and killed him and 11 others. If Norris had thought about resurfacing, the attack surely gave her new pause."

I do hope she is okay,” said Mark Baumgarten, the current editor of Seattle Weekly, one of a number of publications Norris contributed to before going into hiding. “But I have no way of knowing.