Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why Did the Judge Use the "Nuclear Option" on Rob Ford

A very, very interesting piece by Christie Blatchford in the National Post today. She was sent a lengthy analysis of the judgment by a lawyer who prefers to remain anonymous. 

I have to say-the only people that are gloating about this incidious judgement-and the activism behind it-are the extreme lefties. The "normal" left, I think understands that this could open up a Pandora's box that actually could be used against them in the future as well.

The non-radicals understand that the people of Toronto spoke, through the ballot box.  They cannot claim that democracy did not "work". There were elections.

I think that public opinion is against the judgement, and certainly against the municipal law that yields this much power.

I am a fan of Rob Ford. And as a fan, I would urge him to seriously consider the advice being given to him about not giving ammunition to his ideological foes. They want to destroy you, Mr. Ford-why give them any ammunition at all. Starve them of that pleasure, I say.