Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Florida Cougar Lawyers Up

And scrambles the PR machine-STAT!

I laughed when I read Mark Steyn's piece on NRO today about Honey Pot Jill.

Then, I saw that she hired some very expensive and experienced legal and PR experts....

My favourite line in the article:

"Even if Kelley simply found it prudent to keep a lawyer handy—why Lowell? It's like hiring David Boies because your friend got a speeding ticket. Lowell is the quintessential Washington power broker. He represented Clinton before the Senate during his impeachment trial. He specializes in disgraced political figures, including John Edwards. He's the kind of guy you hire when you're seriously ******."

Exit question: Is Kelley really "37"?

Because if she's 37, then I'm the Queen of England. 

Cheerio, my loyal subjects, cheerio!

New Austin Powers film title:

Four More Years, Baby.

And my final thought:


Too bad Chris Stevens wasn't bonking a general, having his hagiography biography written by a soccer mom, or uploading a dumb film onto YouTube. Clearly, those are better ways to get the attention of the President than say, being beaten and torched to death by a bunch of Islamic jihad fanatics on the anniversary of 9/11 in a Muslim country.