Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Who Says There is No Fun in Islam?

The bad news: No Muslim Joke books or jokes have been unearthed since then.

There are real shin-slappers in here, and all kinds of helpful advice, too:

"Don't fraternize," he replied, "but if you can't avoid it, pick someone who won't pester you. Don't go for greens, gorge on chicken skin, stuff yourself with goat kidneys, gulp bird gizzards, snatch fish innards, or concern yourself with the eyeballs if a head is served. And pay no attention to skinny poultry." 

Words to live by!  

The British researcher assures us that Baghdad back then was a swinging Bohemian rockin town-not the backwater sand dumpster full of primitives that we hatemongers might assume!

So there!