Monday, November 26, 2012

The Hamas Versus the Jews Jihad

Just some thoughts about the incredible volume of blah blah blah about the latest round of jihad against the Jews-and it is just another round of jihad.

First of all, I wish that people would stop calling the bombs falling on Israeli civilians "rockets". Now, the Hebrew is "raketot", and I guess the literal translation is "rockets", but in my view-that word minimizes the lethal nature of the weapon.

They are basically bombs.

So, if you think about it-we should be saying "two bombs landed in a kibbutz in southern Israel", or that a bomb killed three civilians in Kiryat Malachi. When people say "rockets" it sounds like a child's toy, something improvised and unprofessional.

When we talk about the Germans in World War II, we talk about British cities being bombed by the Nazis. Not that "rockets" were lobbed or any such language.

The other thing that is bothering me is any commentary that talks about "both sides".

If you even utter the words "both sides", you have made a moral call that Israel and Hamas-also known as jihad-are on the same moral plane. And they are not. Anyone who talks about civilian losses on "both sides" cannot be respected for that reason.

There is no moral equivalent between a democracy and an organization bent on destroying it, one that targets civilians and celebrates civilian deaths.

In other words there is no such thing as "both sides" in this conflict.

You can make a choice of which side you are rooting for.

But if you say "both sides", you've already indicated your choice.