Friday, November 30, 2012

Best Movember Story EVER EVAH EVAH EVAH

So pathetic! OMG. 

" increasing number of men in Middle Eastern countries are seeking innovative ways of achieving a hairier upper lip, with a boom in moustache implants. The innovative treatment is proving popular with men from in the Arab world, where moustaches are seen to convey wisdom and maturity."


This gives me a nice segue to talk about men's facial hair: 

Please, for the love of Middle Eastern moustaches-get rid of the goatees. The 80s called-they want those goatees back. Goatees are ridiculous. So are "love patches". 

Stubble is masculine. Beards are nice, but not when they get to ZZ Top length. Please keep them trimmed. Moustaches are also alright on certain guys.

Men shaved so close that it looks pretty close to female or pubescent skin looks sort of gay (not that there's anything wrong with that, etc..)-it just does. 

You're welcome!