Sunday, November 18, 2012

Israel Does Not Need a "Better" PR Strategy

This article is well-intentioned but wrong.

Israel doesn't need a "better" PR strategy. Israel is, in fact, kicking ass in the media.

Israel and the IDF own-didja hear me-OWN Twitter and YouTube. Their updates are incredible and in real time.

The only thing that irritates me is how they Tweet about the supplies that they have transferred to the Gaza strip (medical, dairy products, supplies). That's nothing to brag about. That is stupid. That is bleeding heart. That's why the Arabs of Gaza feel emboldened. ("Oh those stupid infidel Jews, we kill them, kidnap them and bomb them and they still, with their Jewish hearts, send us food and supplies those dumbass kufars..")

There is no "PR" strategy that will turn Jew haters in to philosemites.

Who cares what the BBC says? Or Slate, or CNN.

Social media should only be seen in this context for what it is worth-a way to get the message out to Israel's supporters and to show the truth of the conflict. It is also being used effectively to warn Israelis of incoming missiles-that's an amazing use of this technology.

But just as there is no "cure" for Judenhaas, there is no PR strategy that will "win over" the "hearts and minds" of those who would generally prefer for the Jews to self-exterminate, or to shove us once again in the ovens.

Therefore, the very best "PR" strategy is for Israel, and the IDF to continue pounding the shit out of, and killing the people who wish to kill us.

To wit: From David Horowitz at the Times of Israel:

"Who are these people?"

"They are people who glory in death. Since we delight in life, we had better prevail."