Sunday, November 18, 2012

Free Speech in the Western World is In Danger

Everywhere I go, people are afraid.

Afraid of cracking jokes, afraid that their use of even the most innocuous insult will land them in front of a Human Rights Commission "trial".

I refuse to be afraid.

Life is too short. Don't let the language bullies determine what you can or can't say, what is or is not funny, what you should think and how you should behave.

A civilized society will root out the truly egregious language on its own-without the "help" of the earnest, blowhard leftists who want to not just control our speech, but our thought and our children.

If you censor yourself, you're a part of the problem.

The solution to the Thought Police is more free speech, raunchier jokes, freer discourse and less fear-not more.

So you offend someone. So what?

Really-so what?

Here's what happening on American university campuses. 

Here's a snapshot of the disgusting censorship and faux-free speech that is the norm at Canadian universities.

More from Kate here. 

If you like what you see-keep your mouth shut, put your head down, and plod along.

If you don't, crank it up to ELEVENTY.