Thursday, November 22, 2012

Yesterday Was "Pink" Day at School

The day before yesterday, I got a note in one of the backpacks that it was "Pink Day" tomorrow at school. I didn't know what it was about, I thought maybe to celebrate homosexuality or something. Anyway, I was asked to dress my child in something pink.

Well, that child is male and he doesn't own anything pink. I also wrote a note saying that I didn't have a clue what Pink Day was.

Yesterday, I found out-through rummaging through said child's backpack that Pink Day is the 'anti-bullying' day. Oh!

Now, I am against bullying. But I am even more against the entire 'anti-bullying' bullies.

So, they sent home a plastic bracelet that had "Stop Bullies" on it-or something like that. I'm good with that.

And, it provided an absolutely exquisite moment for me to review with my children how to "Stop Bullies".

Me: "OK [youngest child], how to we stop bullies?"

Youngest: Looks at me blankly.

Me: "Oh, come on-you know-how do we stop bullies?"

Youngest: "Ummm...we tell the teacher."

Me: [Exasperated] "NO!! That's not it. That is not how we do it!!"

Me to eldest: "How to we stop bullies?

Eldest: "We kick the crap out of them."

Me: "Excactly!"

(Smiles all around.)

Me: "See, that is how you do it. You kick the living sh&t out of them. Let's try this again."

Me: "How to we stop bullies?"

Youngest: "We kick the sh&t out of them."

Me: "Yes! Lesson learned. Thank you anti-bullying day."